110622 Heechul Twitter Update

@Heedictator: 찐빵의 매력은 무궁무진하다. 각 찐빵마다 그 특색을 알아가게되며 느끼는 쾌감은 말로 표현 할 수 없다. 그 찐빵들과 언젠가 내 힘만으로 대화하고 싶다는 꿈을 꿨고 그 꿈을 이루었다. M&D 찐빵. 선빵. 죽빵 by 김희철


Jjing Bbang (steam bun) attraction is infinity. Each kind of steam bun,if (you) know it then you will know their own distinct characteristic. What ever pleasant feeling can’t expressed in words.Dream about when i can use my own strength to have a conversation with Jjing Bbang,and (the)dream come true.M&D JjingBbang. SeonBbang. Juk Bbang by Kim Hee Chul


cr: @Fannynut


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We're fanbase dedicated for SUPER JUNIOR! we're from INA^-^

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