110628 Heechul & Siwon Twitter Updates

@siwon407: @Heedictator what’s up M&D ;)

@Heedictator: @siwon407 I’m going around promoting M&D and getting programs ㅋㅋ Because we’re a new team ㅋㅋ SuJu does well whilst doing nothing since it reached the top of the world but no one knows of M&D yet~

@siwon407: @Heedictator ㅎㅎHwaiting :) I’m most probably going back next month or so, I’ll see you then^^ I’ll call you

@Heedictator: @siwon407 It’s going to be your Hyung’s birthday soon. In Korea, there’re about 800,000 buses going round (that have) birthday congratulatory (messages) for your Hyung (on them).

(T/N: Heenim’s referring to the birthday congratulory ads on buses that the Chinese petals did for him^^)


source: @Heedictator @siwon407

cr: @sup3rjunior


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Donghae biased. Can't live without my personal oxygen Lee Donghae. Yes I'm ELF and actually ELFISH. Like DB5K too. Hallyu addict here :)

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