110629 Heechul Twitter Update

@Heedictator: Kim Jungmo who lives in Miari, getting a foot massage next to his hyung having no manners, instead of studying like he was told

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@Heedictator: Ah my sexy throat RT @ guitarjm Kim Heechul who lives in Dankye-dong, getting a foot massage in a relaxed manner next to a dongsaeng rather than doing what he was told to do

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@Heedictator: Pervert RT @sunshine9462 My girly heart skips greatly watching you laying down.. It’s a happy life for me being able to see you and hearing the raindrops in the night ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

@Heedictator: Yes Kim Jungmo-ssi is getting a foot massage. Wow this sounds refreshing ^-^ RT @ yoojin0616 eh? Are you oppas getting a foot massage at this time of the day?

@Heedictator: No epic failed RT @ Minnieblues Heenim who lives in Dankye-dong, did you promote M&D well today as well? ㅋㅋㅋ

@Heedictator: Because of the smell of your sweat. go have a shower RT @ naoj119 I’m checking on twitter with all the lights switched off, and a fly keeps on attacking my phone screen ㅋㅋ what should i do?

@Heedictator: I can send a punch too if you want RT @ kse95finit Wow Heenim is sending mentions

@Heedictator: /middle finger emoticon/ RT @ carolkim6543 Send me anything whether a punch or a mention whatever

@Heedictator:A child of a new country sleeps early and gets up early ^0^ A fresh, cute and pure child Heechulee will also go to bed~★ …….. One of the wrong acupuncture points must have been pressed during the foot massage or something (-_-) I must have be having some withdrawal symptoms from giving up drinking!! ㅇ0ㅇ

source: @Heedictator

cr: @sup3rjunior


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