110701 Heechul Twitter Update

@Heedictator: I cam home and the cat looked like a bicycle. I sat on the computer cahir, and my legs are moving as though they are on a bike. Son Dambi is a devil for making me like this, and yet is smiling. RT@dambi925 yfrog.com/keze5yj

@Heedictator: Son Dambi is a devil. She suggested that we go for a bike ride, so I thought we’re just going to bike around… But we’re going all around Han River ㅡㅡ I think her bike’s bolt is Usain Bolt, her speed might be over 180. Ah, how long will it take me to go all the way back home .. Son Dambi is a devil.


About Han Seul Rin

Donghae biased. Can't live without my personal oxygen Lee Donghae. Yes I'm ELF and actually ELFISH. Like DB5K too. Hallyu addict here :)

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