Kompilasi Nama Member2 Super Junior Dari Berbagai Negara!

Ini adalah Kompilasi resmi dan tidak resmi dari nama2 member SUper Junior dari berbagai negara!

  • LEETEUK (이특)

Korean Name: 박정수 (Park Jung Soo)

Chinese Name: 利特 (Lì tè) ; 朴正洙 (Pǔ zhèngzhū)

Japanese Name: イトゥク (Itou-Ku)

American Name: DENNIS Park

Filipino Name: DENSYO Park

Indonesian Name: KADIR Park (Leeteuk named himself! LOL!)

Disney Name: BELLE (from Beauty and the Beast) [Heechul named him BELLE, but it became PETER PAN as time passed by^^]

  • HEECHUL (희철)

Korean Name: 김희철 (Kim Hee Chul)

Chinese Name: 金希澈 (Jīn xīchè)

Japanese Name: ヒチョル (Hichoru)

American Name: CASEY Kim

Filipino Name: HILARIO Kim or MACARIO Kim


  • HANKYUNG (한경)

Korean Name: 한경 (Han Kyung)

Chinese Name: 韩庚 (Hán gēng)

Japanese Name: ハンギョン (Hangyon)

American Name: JOSHUA Han (other facts say that it’s Joshua TAN, but HAN is his family name so I used HAN instead)

Filipino Name: HAGIBIS Han

Disney Name: MULAN

  • YESUNG (예성

Korean Name: 김종운 (Kim Jong Woon)

Chinese Name: 艺声 (Yì shēng) ; 金鐘雲 (Jīn zhōngyún)

Japanese Name: イェソン (Yeson)

American Name: JEROME Kim

Filipino Name: ESYONG Kim

Disney Name: ALADDIN

  • KANGIN (강인)

Korean Name: 김영운 (Kim Young Woon)

Chinese Name: 强仁 (Qiáng rén) ; 金永云 (Jīn yǒngyún)

Japanese Name: カンイン (Kan’in)

American Name: JORDAN Kim

Filipino Name: KARDING Kim

Disney Name: BEAST (from Beauty and the Beast)

  • SHINDONG (신동

Korean Name: 신동희 (Shin Dong Hee)

Chinese Name: 神童 (Shéntóng) ; 申東熙  (Shēn dōngxī)

Japanese Name: シンドン (Shindon)

American Name: MATTHEW Shin

Filipino Name: BADONG Shin


  • SUNGMIN (성민)

Korean Name: 이성민 (Lee Sung Min)

Chinese Name: 李晟敏 (Li chéngmǐn)

Japanese Name: ソンミン (Sonmin)

American Name: VINCENT Lee

Filipino Name: MANDO Lee

Disney Name: ALICE (from Alice and the Wonderland)

  • EUNHYUK (은혁

Korean Name: 이혁재 (Lee Hyuk Jae)

Chinese Name: 银赫 (Yín hè) ; 李赫宰 (Li hèzǎi)

Japanese Name: ウニョク (Unyoku)

American Name: SPENCER Lee

Filipino Name: ENTENG Lee

Disney Name: PETER PAN

  • DONGHAE (동해)

Korean Name: 이동해 (Lee Dong Hae)

Chinese Name: 李東海 (Li Dōnghǎi)

Japanese Name: ドンヘ (Donhē)

American Name: AIDEN Lee

Filipino Name: DODONG Lee

Disney Name: PINOCCHIO

  • ZHOU MI (조미)

Korean Name: 주멱 (Ju Myuk)

Chinese Name: 周覓 (Zhōu mì)

Japanese Name: ショミ (Sho Mi)

American Name: MIMI Zhou (Actually, Zhoumi DOESN’T have an English name and when I googled for it, a blog dedicated to Hangeng said that they created MIMI for him so he will not be left out^^)

Filipino Name: JOSE Zhou

  • SIWON (시원)

Korean Name: 최시원 (Choi Si Won)

Chinese Name: 崔始源 (Cuī Shǐyuán)

Japanese Name: シウォン (Shiu-on)

American Name: ANDREW Choi

Filipino Name: AGAPITO Choi

Disney name: SIMBA

  • RYEOWOOK (려욱)

Korean Name: 김려욱 (Kim Ryeo Wook)

Chinese Name: 金厲旭 (Jīn Lìxù)

Japanese Name: リョウク (Ryouku)

American Name: NATHAN Kim

Filipino Name: TIBURCIO Kim

Disney Name: JASMINE (from Aladdin)

  • KIBUM (기범)

Korean Name: 김기범 (Kim Ki Bum)

Chinese Name: 金起範 (Jīn Qǐfàn)

Japanese Name: キボム (Kibomu)

American Name: BRYAN TREVOR Kim

Filipino Name: TERYO Kim

Disney Name: SNOW WHITE

  • KYUHYUN (규현

Korean Name: 조규현 (Cho Kyu Hyun)

Chinese Name: 曺圭賢 (Cáo Guīxián)

Japanese Name: キュヒョン (Kyuhyon)

American Name: MARCUS Cho

Filipino Name: TONYO Cho

  • HENRY (헨리)

Korean Name: 류헌화 (Ryu Hun Hwa)

Chinese Name: 刘宪华 (Liú Xiànhuá)

Japanese Name: ヘンリー (Henrī)

American Name: HENRY LAU

Filipino Name: JUAN Lau

Spanish Name: ENRIQUE Lau


  1. Their KOREAN, JAPANESE and CHINESE names
  2. Donghae, Siwon, Kibum and Henry’s ENGLISH names (DH called himself ‘AIDEN’, Hee & Hyuk calls SW ‘ANDREW’ at times, and KB & Henry have English names because they studied in the US and Canada
  3. The DISNEY names of the first 12 members (Heechul named them that before debut)
  4. Leeteuk’s Indonesian name (He announced it when they were in Indonesia)


  1. Their FILIPINO names
  2. Their ENGLISH names (except DH, SW, KB, and Henry)
  3. Henry’s SPANISH NAME

-=- END! -=-





Chinese Names — Super Junior’s Wikipedia Page

Japanese Names — Trangnim and KyuHaeBiased

Filipino Names — GAMEkyulogy

Credit: Alexa @GAMEkyulogy

ZhouMi @SJFE

Posted by: admin PS@SJFI – @pizkyu



apa kalian punya nama Indonesia buat para member SUJU ? ayo comment^^




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