ELFs ayoo kita bikin Trending #Gengrikuaile untuk memperingati ultah HANGENG oppa^^ apatuh gengrikuaile? Geng ri kuai le (庚日快乐) artinya “Happy Geng Day” kata tersebut diambil dari “sheng ri kuai le” (生日快乐) yg artinya “Happy Birthday”😀 arraseo?

Happy Birthday to the one and only Chinese prince ELF know! Happy birthday to our precious Han Geng! The others may talk, they may say our oppa left us, but ELF know better, he’s still with us and Super Junior. He didn’t leave us, he just need time to be what he wanna be, to achieve his own dreams~ And ELF will fight for him the same way we fight for Super Junior ‘cause Super Junior is not just a band, Super Junior is a family and family means together forever!

cool GENG^^

Super Junior OFFICIAL Website Schedule includes Hangeng’s Birthday

writer: admin PS – @piskewl


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