[TRANS] 120805 Star News Interview with Kibum

Kim Kibum now suits the keyword Actor more than a member of an idol group. It’s not surprising to see him acting now.

Kibum once roamed the stage with Super Junior as a singer but now he’s gaining attention with acting. He finally erased the stereotypes people had in mind with the keyword “Idol Singer”.

Recently, he showed his talent with a cable channel TVN’s popular drama ‘I love Lee Taeri’. He acted a more light and happy character compared to his character from ‘Deep rooted tree’ last year. Because of that, he was able to capture not just younger girls but noona fans hearts

Kim kibum acted as Gum Undong and as Hwang Minsu in ‘I love Lee Taeri’. At the beginning, he shook the hearts of girls with exposing scenes. We thought exposures might have been hard for him but he answered differently.

“Showing the character was harder than the exposing scenes. I worried about the character since end of Feb. The producer and I thought differently. At first, it was hard to record but it became easy and fun. If the scripts came out just a bit earlier, i would have been able to study the character more. That part, i regret.”

Last year, he appeared as Park PaengNyun on Deep Rooted Tree. He left a great impression with the first Historical drama he appeared on. He was praised for his witty and charismatic acting. Kibum said he wanted to show a different side on ‘I love Lee Taeri’

“I wasn’t able to show personal side of the character this time. I tried to approach the audience as the character, not as Kibum. I tried to show them the personality and the charm of that character. I took a hiatus for a bit. I rested because i wanted to change myself after hearing that I was acting the characters as Kibum, not as the character.”

Kibum acted as the counter role for Park Yaejin in ‘I love Lee Taeri.’ It must have not been easy to work with Park Yaejin.

“There weren’t many NGs. We trusted each other as we acted. We acted to show our characters. It was comfortable to record. Yaejin sunbae’s first impression on me was different than the image from ‘Family Outing’. She was very cool and she talked well.  It was easy to record with her.”

Kim Kibum chose the Most Memorable episode from I Love Lee Taeri. He chose the episode when he got slapped by Sunny Hill’s Joobi. He mentioned this at the press conference for the drama release. Joobi slapped him to the point where his jaw was dislocated and had to go to the hospital.

“Even if i look back at it now, it was a hard blow. It was her first time acting so I guess she was excited. We got a ‘OK’ sign after the scene but i had to go to the hospital. We couldnt record the next scene. I wasn’t close to her and this happened on the first recording and made our relationship awkward. Hahaha.”

He laughed over the incident but hinted that Hunger was hardeat to fight.

“There were exposing scenes in the drama so I exercised. But the scenes appeared in many points so I had to keep up the shape. I kept it up by exercising and eating chicken breast. It was hard to act when I was hungry. When I was hungry and sleepy, i became more sensitive. So it was hard.”

Kim kibum is showing his skills as an actor though he was a singer. Fans are sad about not being able to see him sing. He says he wants to act for a bit. Then what more will he show us?

“i want to do many works and roles. If it’s not something that is completely no no for me, i want to try it all. I feel that I have just NOW started to act. There is much more to show. I showed a 14 year old with I Love Lee Taeri’s Undong role. In next work, i want to do a complete opposite role. I want to show myself changing.”

Kibum, who has greed in acting, wants to become a real actor with real feelings within his actings.

“I act well while looking into other person’s eyes. Even if the camera isn’t focused on me, i usually say my lines this way. If i look at the other’s eyes, i can express feelings better.”

Kibum is taking small steps into acting. He showed a different side of him than from ‘Nap’ theater skit, dramas, and from him in movies. Will he stand on the theater stage again?

“I learned a lot from the theater stage. Huh Jinho producer and actors.. The time spent together was fun. I want to do skits too. It’s hard but I want to do more in the future.”

He started acting in 2004. We asked him, “How far do you think you have come as an Actor?”

“The time i decided to act was 2004. I appeared on ‘Ban Olim 2′ after that. But I never thought about where I was as an actor. When I was younger, I knew I liked acting but didnt know why. But during ‘Deep rooted tree’ and ‘I love lee Taeri’ and not being able to sleep because of recordings & memorizing the script made me realize why I wanted to act.”






Source:Star News
Translated by:Naya@NKSubs
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  1. Masih membayangkan, kapaaaaan ya kibum balik ke SJ? Kok kayaknya mustahil gitu deh? Yawdah deh sukses terus, ya, Bummie… In my heart SJ is still 13 \[^^]/

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