List of Awards to Vote for Super Junior!


1. Yahoo! Buzz Awards 2012
Link vote :!/vote/cat=3&id=69
Link result vote :!/rank/
Tutorial : (cr: sjworld)
Deadline : 10 Desember 2012
Current position : 2nd
Note : Last year SJ managed to bring home 4 Awards from Yahoo! Buzz Awards.

2. KBS Icon Award 2012
Link vote :
Note : Login with KBS account, Twitter account, or Facebook account. 1 account = 1 vote per day.
Tutorial (cr: elfINA4GDA) :
step 1 : login
step 2 : vote
step 3 : vote succeed
step 4 : logout
Deadline : 27 December 2012

3. Allkpop Awards 2012
Link vote :
Deadline : 31 December 2012
Note : Login with Twitter & Facebook, no voting limit for 1 acc.

4. GDA voting
link vote:

5. Kpop Best Leader (Leeteuk)
Link vote :
Note : 1 day = 19 votes
Deadline : 31 December 2012

6. Melon Music Awards – Global Artist Award
Link result vote :
Deadline : 13 December
Note : Global Artist Award is 100% from voting results and ONLY K-ELF who is able to vote.
FOR INTERNATIONAL ELF : Watch SFS MV on Youtube multiple times because 40% judging for Global Artist Award is based on NUMBER OF VIEW official MV.
Link Official MV Sexy, Free & Single :

7. Seoul Music Awards – Bonsang dan Popularity Award
Link result vote :
Note : Popularity Award is 100% from voting results and ONLY K-ELF who is able vote.
FOR INTERNATIONAL ELF : Help to share the link of Seoul Music Awards as a reminder for K-ELF ^^



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We're fanbase dedicated for SUPER JUNIOR! we're from INA^-^

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  1. new link from elfina4gda ^^
    thank you so much for sharing this 😉

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